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A pastor’s kid born in Mississippi but raised in Louisiana, I had strong spiritual influences growing up. My parents are still strong spiritual guides in my life, always pointing me to Christ. I grew up in church and was active in the Youth Ministry, sang with the Louisiana All-State Baptist Choir, and led worship in our contemporary service, but I didn’t want to go into ministry. With so much of my life being rooted in the church I wanted to do something different with my life, . . . but God had other plans.

I felt God calling me to ministry, but I wasn’t sure what that looked like. I knew I loved His people, His church, and worship. Seeking God’s guidance and wisdom, God filled in the gaps when I went to college. I attended the University of Mississippi, earning a degree in Music; but I graduated during the Recession and still didn’t feel like my educational journey was complete yet. God lead me to attend the School of Audio Engineering in Atlanta to earn a degree in Audio Technology. Ultimately, this set me up for what God had called me to do.

Worship and Production are so interwoven in contemporary worship. I believe in creating a worship atmosphere that is engaging, interactive, and allows the Holy Spirit to move without using flashy techniques that can be distracting. My pedagogic journey has allowed me to effectively work with both musicians and technical engineers, creating a whole worship ministry whose only focus is to give God the worship and praise he deserves.